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The colors of belts and sashes in the martial arts
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July 18, 2018, 06:18:17 AM *
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Author Topic: The colors of belts and sashes in the martial arts  (Read 1467 times)
« on: May 21, 2014, 08:06:44 AM »

This is a very esoteric topic, and difficult for me to dive into.  Yet; it is one that I enjoy (and have knowledge of), so I will endeavor to give it my best.  Hopefully someone else out there can chime in and help move the discourse along.

From the most basic standpoint, colors in the martial arts denote advancement in level or hierarchy.  We are told that, in the "old days" the student wore white, and as they progressed the belt turned black due to all the hard work and diligence put forth during training.  Now, you have your factions that use them and those that shun them.

I believe however, that where these "colors" are concerned - there is more than meets the eye. 

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2014, 10:49:27 AM »

To answer my own question  Grin

Lately my " radical"  Christian views have earned me some ire from those I would not have expected - so, I will take a lesson from my Teacher and plow forward; yet I will do so using - current trends - in mainstream thought, letting folks come to their own conclusions.

To grasp the kernel *that is the idea* that makes up this topic, one must understand that martial arts is life.  There is no delineation between the two nouns (things).  It could be said, that one is the training to improve the other; but it can also be said that one is a higher level of understanding - of life - than the other.  However we twist it and package it, the two are definitively the same.  If religion (which is a belief system that usually revolves around a Creator) is and has everything to do with life, then the same goes: martial arts has everything to do with religion because it to - is life.

Hollywood, and its many movies about the martial arts - also understands this concept.  This is probably due largely in part to influences from certain sources that have an impact upon the movie theme.  While it is true that Hollywood and movies pose a certain threat to moral conduct and character - there is also many revelations to be had through allegory and other revealed truths that come out of the making of movies.  As my dad said - " you really have to wonder sometimes as to where the ideas come from for these movies - some of it is so bizarre as to be almost true."  But, before I digress - the two movies I want to point out is The Karate Kid, and of course, the remaking of The Karate Kid.

A bit goofy perhaps - but spot on.  In the movies, the connection is made that the training was for life.  The re-direct of course is that it ends up in physical combat, however one has to be able to discern the real truth: that ones martial training is to enhance ones life, and prepare them for higher levels of understanding therein.

BaPak Steve Gartin and now Elijah Gartin highlight this truth in their - very unorthodox - training videos: Steve at his desk with no chair doing Kembaggan and doing paperwork, and Elijah turning and burning in the kitchen.  Most will watch these videos and get a chuckle at the physical workout choice; but a few will look at it and make the connection: martial arts is life.

So let us take a look at non martial artists that use colors and belts to denote rank or progress: Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, Yogi' s (the awakening of the Colored Chakras), and dozens of others across a very wide spectrum of faiths.

Let us look at Colors as it Relates to the Bible: (primarily the New Testament)

Then, let' s look at Colors as it Relates to the Bible: (primarily the Old Testament)

Now, let us look at colors as they Relate to spiritual Alchemy traditions (this type of Egyptian knowledge is that which Moses was trained in before leading the Hebrews from captivity):

Finally let us look at the kethoneth passim - or " Coat of Many Colors" that was given to Joseph by his father, Jacob at

At this point, one would have to be truly " daft"  to not realize and see that Colors play a huge part in both the spiritual and physical transformation of an individual; and their martial arts progression (see BaPak Steve with his Red Guru Sash in many of his videos).

There are many layers of meanings, truths, allegories, and mysteries to be found in the martial arts as well as scriptures. (Matt 13:13)

One of the more historical and omnipotent points of the Bible is YHVH' S Covenant with man - symbolized by a Rainbow.  If one were *really* radical they might start to believe the Bible is a symbol of ones own Life - not a message to ALL but a message to YOU.  But, that would be really radical.

There is the Red Pill of The Matrix -  

There is the different color garments hanging from the crosses in front of the Methodist churches (purple and white).

In order to understand the transformation to Sigung in BaPak Steve' s system, one has to understand that the progression is backwards.  Steve is famous for saying " people usually come to us with a black belt already."   Again, allegory.  Also, the familiar " They have to un-learn what they have already been taught."   Simple Truth.

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