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Who is who in American KunTao Silat
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July 18, 2018, 10:13:03 PM *
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Author Topic: Who is who in American KunTao Silat  (Read 2089 times)
Art Kidwell
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« on: May 18, 2014, 01:34:33 PM »

Since the American Branch of KunTao Silat has adopted the teachings of Bill Chang (GrandMaster U. Un Surya), the Internal KunTao as taught by Bill Chang to Steve Gartin - Ba Pak - Lineage Founder of Malabar and American KunTao Silat now the core of the Internal KunTao Silat; and that such information has yet to be transmitted: All folks certified in KunTao Silat, Malabar KunTao Silat or American KunTao Silat who have reached Level Four will be certified as a Level Four Practitioner of American KunTao Silat.

April Gartin - Lineage Disciple
Elijah Gartin - Lineage Disciple

Aric Fowler ~ Fourth Level
Derric Haskell ~ Fourth Level

Ted Garcia - Fourth Level
Keith Miks - Fourth Level
Joe Judt - Fourth Level

Rob Snazza - Fourth Level
Todd Eby - Fourth Level
Kurtis Goodwin - Fourth Level
Trent Beach - Fourth Level
Art Kidwell - Fourth Level
Jeff Fargo - Fourth Level
Timothy Nichols - Fourth Level
Sam Clark - Fourth Level
Mike Stelnicki - Fourth Level
Rex Finfgeld - Fourth Level
Wayne Gauvin - Fourth Level
Grady Eliott - Fourth Level

Brian Haskell - Fourth Level
Ricardo Mohammed - Fourth Level
Dave Murphy - Fourth Level
Bob Lazic - Fourth Level
Kris Roberts - 4th Level
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