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The Gift
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July 18, 2018, 06:26:56 AM *
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Author Topic: The Gift  (Read 1433 times)
« on: May 17, 2014, 08:51:11 PM »

I stick to the use of the word gnosis to describe the top most tiers of knowledge guarded by BaPak Steve Gartin, because a careful and exhaustive study of what gnosis is comes the closest to accurately describing that which is almost impossible to put a name to - yet IS.  As BaPak Steve has so often said to my many exclamations over the years - "the love, knowledge, and instruction of Yheashua can not be put into words." 

Having spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours listening, learning, and studying standard Christianity, Gnostic Christianity, Kabbalah (Alchemy), and a few dozen other world religions - as well as certain verifications from those who also have experienced the mysteries - I am fully content and confident as to the inherent meaning of the word gnosis - and it's proper relation with Christianity.  I found it quite shocking, that the majority of today's Christians have never studied, nor do they have any knowledge of the teachings on Jewish mysticism; the 5 books of Moses are rooted in Kabbalah - a mystical art with it's roots in alchemy.  Interestingly enough - Yheashua's first miracle, was an act of alchemy: He turned one element, into another.  So be open minded, and do not let the chains of the ruler of this earthly world hold you down any longer.

Gnosis means knowledge.  In the sense it is being used here, it more aptly refers to "the experience of" direct knowledge, or direct experience. Gnostic Christians in the early centuries - before they were murdered by the church - understood gnosis to be a revelation of divine truth.  It is a truth that is not subject to interpretation or argument; as my teacher would say - it just IS; it is universal, and it's revelations and inspiration spreads to many humanities; not just those on this earth or this planet, not just those in this dimension, and not just in our time.  A relationship between a Man and his Creator begins and ends with The Creator, it does not take place in any constructs of men. 

Current Christianity understands the phenomena of gnosis as the gift of the Holy Spirit; the ancient Yoga master's called it the Kundalini; in Kabbalah - it is the 22 cards of the Tarot; in Masonry, it is The Philosopher's Stone; from Hinduism to Taoism and more, the list of ancient rites of passage is clearly evident: and all linked to salvation and a Messiah.   

Gnosis should not be confused with Gnostic, or Gnosticism: it is not a religion, sect, or following - it is an experience derived through the pineal gland in the human brain.  It is the pineal gland in the brain that interprets the White Light of The Creator.  The activation of this gland, is the beginning of gnosis, and IS the beginning of the many gifts of The Holy Spirit.  The Enemy has worked for thousands of years to make this part of the human mind inert and dysfunctional; through inbreeding, crossbreeding, food contamination, water contamination, religion contamination, bible contamination, scripture contamination - the list is endless.  The war on the human mind spreads from the pulpit to the television.  Kool-Aid comes in many forms.

I can clearly recall my own initiation into the same mysteries as many of those I read about in the Old and New Testaments; I can personally witness and attest to that fact that every man, who is truly born again of The Spirit - will and must be lead to the abyss: there he will meet his Creator, and will also face the full power of Lucifer himself; this will happen on Jacob's ladder, step by step (degree by degree).  These truths are not being taught in today's church, so the indictment is upon them.  All must experience gnosis to ascend.

Gnosis is a process.  To begin the process, is to "become awake" for the first time; Christians call this born again, and rightfully so.  While there is the same wonder as found in a newborn babe, it is quickly replaced by fear and darkness as the Enemy and his legions take personal notice of you; the one who has escaped the net.  I can recall many conversations with my teacher on this conundrum; for though we seek to be free, freedom comes at a price - especially in these last days. 

There are some who come to study American KunTao Silat that can feel something else at work, something different; it is the pull of Spiritual Freedom that is calling their name - this is the beginning of gnosis.

One of my students stated it thus: 'when we are together, talking, teaching, training, learning - I can feel something at work within me.'

I have purposefully arranged this opening post in a broad manor.  The goal of this thread is mostly a Q and A for those interested in said subjects and topics - or for those who would like to post more thoughts on this subject. 

This board is not for arguing or contending. The purpose is to continue the topic, not debate it.  I will answer any questions to the best of my knowledge, and be more than happy to share what I know. 

As always- I give Hormat to my teacher: BaPak Steve Gartin

Sigung Derric Haskell

Art Kidwell
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« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2014, 09:32:39 PM »

Derric, my Brother, I am jaw agape! Whoa the miles you have traveled since we first met. I can see that you have, indeed, been born again! Praise YHVH!

I look forward to seeing this thread evolve.
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« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2014, 06:05:30 PM »

Many are called but few answer, and of those, fewer still hold the cup of light, of faith, long enough to become gnosis...Gnosis is often believed to be exoteric knowledge, "out there". But that knowing is God's thru sentient vessels, at each level of conscious understanding; the relinquishment of ego allows realization to ping-in as Knowing. The ego already realizes itself, but knows not it is a usurper. All eventually come home, all prodigal sparks dreaming the story of a materialistic egoic existence must and will awaken, all comes back to the light eventually as nothing is lost, as nothing is separate in reality. The gift is in letting go of everything even as we practice, emptiness is form and form is emptiness; nothing is higher than God, even our dance is an offering and not much of an accomplishment in that light...unless needed by the passion of egoic identification to continue the dream and its story. Blessings to all at all levels of understanding, all levels of existence, all levels of faith and belief.
« Reply #3 on: June 18, 2014, 12:22:34 PM »

Excellent contribution to the thread Grady!  Your summation says it all. 

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