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DLP DVD #6 - Constant Training
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June 20, 2018, 05:13:40 PM *
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Author Topic: DLP DVD #6 - Constant Training  (Read 1537 times)
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« on: April 23, 2012, 03:28:27 AM »

When you study a system, what makes it really excel or not comes down to 2 main things:
1) The time you invest
2) Your teacher

A good teacher can turn a so-so system into something highly effective by weaponizing overly stylized movements. Likewise, a bad teacher can destroy a system by showing unrealistic movements and training methods. I've seen people invest decades in a system, that couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. I've also been honored to have teachers who have completely opened my eyes to new possibilities and revolutionize what I had previously learned.

That's what this DVD is. A chat from the master of the system (Maha Guru Steve), with his insights into the art for the first 50 minutes, and then repeat clips of the various training options for the next 60, to get you going.

Perhaps even more importantly, for students who cannot train with him in person, is the benefit of inspiration. Training alone for awhile may get old. We live in a society with SOOOO many distractions. SOOOOO many things to do. Its a luxury of being a part of such a wonderful country. Occasionally, training may get pushed off. This DVD really inspires you to go and train. It really stresses what a treasure the system is, and how important it is to make it something that is part of your reactive muscle-memory. And its told with the trademark good humor of its master.

Knowing a movement isn't enough. When I toss a ball to you, you'll catch it without thinking. In a second, you recognize the angle of acceleration, the trajectory of the de-acceleration, approximate speed in 3D space, and are able to casually put your hand where the ball is going with only the slightest of micro adjustments as new information is processed. It takes >NO< conscious thought, because its something that's been done SO often in your life, its automatic. Likewise, fighting reflexes must be. Knowing something intellectually takes too long to process. He shifts his body weight, I react. I can't depend on he shifts his body weight, I see a punch chamber, he steps forward and launches the punch, I calculate the angle and speed of the fist, and position my hands to either cover or cut the angle while simultaneously stepping out of the way of the incoming fist....nope. POW, I got hit. He moves, you react. It should be autonomous like catching a ball. And that only comes out of practice. Out of doing a set of movements thousands of times, and being mindful of them. Out of training over and over. With a partner. Without a partner.

And there's the beauty of this system. Its portable. Everything you need, anywhere. Got partners? Great. Solo? Great. Equipment? Great. No equipment? Great. Sitting? Sure, hand movements can be trained. Walking through a crowd at the mall? Sure, work footwork, angling, and distancing. Flexible. Scalable. Portable. And with this DVD, inspirational. Makes me wanna train immediately. Infact, I think I'll go over what I remember from the Basic Training right now.



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