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DLP Review DVD 1
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June 20, 2018, 05:14:19 PM *
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Author Topic: DLP Review DVD 1  (Read 1982 times)
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« on: April 19, 2012, 04:26:45 PM »

So I finally went to the first DVD (third in my queue for the DLP list). I enjoy the basics. Basics are the foundation of an art, and the most utilized techniques. The basics BUILD the body mechanics.

And boy, did Maha Guru Gartin do a great job. He created an amazing sequence here that has me chomping at the bit to begin practicing. Call it what you may...isometrics, stretching, training, squat variations, throws, silk reeling, bone marrow transforming, chi gung / circulation...its all of these and more.

You see, when I started to have limited time to practice my arts, my super strong legs (and they WERE strong) lost a LOT of muscle mass. And that resulted in poorer health quality and quality of life. Its bound to happen. The legs are your SECOND circulatory pump. Your legs help your heart in pumping blood from the furtherest reaches of your body (your feet/legs) back to where its easier for your heart to pump it. If you have weak legs, you have a weaker metabolism, and a heart that's doing double-duty. Honestly, this was another one of the reasons I came to AKTS. You watch those postures, stances, and movements, and it shows strong leg training.

Well these leg exercises (with hand movements) done on the luru (line) and tiga (triangle) are the bees knees. They remind me of similar exercises I've done in Bagua and Silat, but there's also some Shaolin (something I have never done) in there too. Its a very systematic sequence that is bound to increase circulation, strength, and health. Oh yeah, and these are your key movements for the techniques of AKTS too. STRONG foundational techniques. High percentage stuff (like most of AKTS).

You get to see these techniques done multiple times, by multiple different folks. You see variations, and personal enhancements made by the practitioners. And it can accomodate most folks. My legs aren't strong enough yet. So I'll choose those I can work on now until I gain strength. Then I'll tackle the others. This screams to me "Morning Workout". Do it slow for meditative / chi practice / strength building. Do it fast for cardio and combative practice.

And near the beginning you get to see Maha Guru Gartin using the technique against scenarios which you're likely to encounter (relatively speaking). A person trying to strangle you, someone cold-cocking you in a bar, etc. You see the movements illustrated against a variety of scenarios.

So far? Its my favorite DVD of a series composed of favorites. But I'm a sucker for progression and basics. Alot of curriculums taught aren't organized very well. Its piece-meal, and doesn't fit cohesively. This does. It has the Silat, Taoist, and Shaolin training working in a unified structure.

Can't wait to watch more...

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