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I'm new to the program...sort of...
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May 27, 2018, 11:03:57 PM *
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Author Topic: I'm new to the program...sort of...  (Read 2461 times)
Steven Vance
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« on: September 15, 2010, 06:35:47 PM »

Hi, everyone.  I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself.  My name is Steven Vance.  Back in '04/'05 I had been a distance student of Steve and Chas for a time, while deployed as a combat medic in Iraq.  With the pressures of a combat environment, followed by readjustment to a "saner world" (?) and reentering civilian life, etc., I drifted away.  The chaos online - the continuing de Thaours family soap opera and my uncertainty for a time concerning what was happening with AKTS - were added factors for a while.
Eventually my wife and I settled in the greater Portland,OR/Vancouver, WA area.  I attended a couple or three seminars with Kurtis Goodwin, and studied with him for about six months or so, before we parted ways over some personal issues.  I found Steve and Chas, in our limited contact, to be really great guys.  I was upset to hear about the problems the two of them have had in recent years.
I recently spoke with a friend, Jonty Kershaw, who suggested returning to AKTS, as he has joined the program.  I spent some time looking at the website, and the forum, and decided to return to the program.
As to my background, in addition to some time in the program, I studied many years ago with one of William Sanders people for a time, before being transferred to another state.  I also studied, prior to my Iraq deployment, with Kevin Schmidt, an instructor under Jim Ingram, and took a few classes, years ago, with Pak Vic (he was 2+ hours away).  Additionally, I was a student of Tony Gneck, back in the '80's, who had studied for a time with Professor Chow and one of the Shimabuku brothers, and been (for a time) Sirichai Sirisute's father-in-law and taught a modified Muay Thai, back before it was the "in" thing.  I also studied a Korean style, Hap Do Sool, back then, and have had exposure to a number of other arts over the years.  I was an EMT and Combat Medic in the military, and currently work in the ICU of the Portland VA Hospital.
I saw Art's comments on the forum on helping people determine what animals might be the best "fit" for them, based on temperament, body type, and the like.  The bear is a good fit for me, but I don't believe that's an AKTS animal.  I do have some affinity for snakes, especially python, along with naga/dragon, and big cats - tiger, maybe leopard.  I'm not a huge monkey kind of guy - ape maybe - nor are birds really a great fit.  I am a big guy, but also like to fight in close. 
Mostly, I'm just eager to get started.  I'm looking forward to getting to know the other folks in the program.

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Thank you for your post.  While the bear is not an 'official' animal of AKTS or KTS, our art focuses on attitude over function. Being a combat medic, you no doubt have the attitude. We look at animals in the sense of 'what is the personality of that animal?' and then bring it to life. Bringing the animal to life is up to you, but you can no doubt adapt that, after you have our basics down. We show you over time how to develop the animals to suit you. Best of luck you my friend.

Guru Aric
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